Chilehead Listserve

The ChileHeads list serve provides a forum for discussion of matters relating to chile peppers. The owner is Mike Bowers, who delurks when needed, but usually lets the discussions take their own course.
It is a pretty friendly worldwide group, mostly helpful folk, who all "share the heat" of Hot and Spicy food!

Discussions usually include:

General discussion of anything hot
Growing tricks
Places to get seeds and plants
Exchanges of seed/pods/etc.
Exotic and Erotic varieties
Setting aside those wonderful chiles
Knuckle dragging topics sometimes arise
Hot sauces and powders
plus "The Bread", "Evil Cookies", ...

So how do you become a part of this List? Follow the instructions below..

2008 - update.

How to Subscribe to the
Chile-Heads Mailing List:

First, send an e-mail to

with the word subscribe as the body of the message.

You will receive a message with a subject like this one:

Subject: Confirmation for subscribe chile-heads

It will say something like this:

Someone (possibly you) has requested that your email address be added to or deleted from the mailing list "".

It will also contain a line that reads "auth [code] subscribe [your email address]" (No Brackets).
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Send that reply, but DO NOT send it to majordomo, it will bounce.

Instead, send it to the same address you used before:

After that, you will get a welcome message (save all of these for later reference) welcoming you to the list and giving you some useful reference information.



Welcome to, an electronic mailing
list established for the discussion of chile peppers.

This is a routine posting you will see from time to time on Chile-Heads.

Chile-Heads postings are also available in a daily digest format. To
subscribe to the digest, send the following command in the body of a
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SUBSCRIBE Chile-Heads-Digest

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HELP - to receive a help file



The list is often quite busy; if your email account doesn't have room for
a few day's postings you will find yourself de-subscribed by the list
software if you fill up your email quota.

Lately there has been 3-10 subscribers bouncing every message due to 'over
email quota'; this adds up to quite a pile of bounced messages in the list
owner's mailbox! I used to be able to let this go for a day or two, but
this quantity has forced me to tighten up the leeway I used to have.
Bouncing only a few message may now cause you to be unsubscribed; if your
mailbox is full you won't even get any notice that this has happened! If
you stop getting your messages please try resubscribing first.

Suggestions for posting to the list:

Quote only the relevant portion of the message you are replying to.

Try to hold down the 'one-liners' and reply directly to the sender
if the topic isn't of general interest.

PLEASE do not send virus warnings, multi-level marketing schemes,
chain letters, articles about proposed internet taxes or laws, or
anything that was sent to you with the request to "send this to
everyone you know". These are off topic and generally only start
flame wars.

If it doesn't have to do with peppers at all it doesn't belong on
the list.

Please don't include attachments, or send html or so-called Microsoft Rich
Text; the Chile-Heads list is ASCII only (plain text); any such postings
will not be sent out. You may or may not be notified if this happens.
For more information on why you should use plain-text to Usenet and
mailing lists, see

Chile-Heads Archives

Back issues of the Digest are available at:

Only the current volume is here; the rest of the archives are on the
Chile-Heads site (see below).

Chile-Heads Home Page

The Chile-Heads home page WAS located at:'s ISP went out of business; the site is currently offline
and will probably end up elsewhere once I retrieve a copy. The
information below is still current even thought the site is not

The web site includes the Chile Gallery (over 70 pictures and
descriptions of various common and uncommon chile peppers)
, access
to the archive, and additional information including seed and hot sauce
sources, scientific and botanical information, restaurant reviews
and several pages on preserving chile peppers. The Chile-Heads Recipe
Collection is also on-line. The gardening section contains
information for both first-time and expert pepper gardeners.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about Chile-Heads,
please contact the list owner at the address below.

Michael Bowers