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This is a great sight for us rimfire freaks - think about joining and certainly contribute~!

A 2-page compendium of standard type targets, game-play targets and critters in HTML, GIF or PDF formats.

From the Beartooth Bullets site, standard type targets and a couple of critters.

Benchrest and airgun pistol targets.

Targets in Microsoft Word format.

4 targets, including a squirrel and a deer, plus links.

A variety of targets including sight in, benchrest and critters.

6 targets, including one of Osama.

A couple of standard targets and a couple of varmint targets.

A really large selection of targets of all types in PDF format. This is a must see.

A very extensive, and colorful, target library, all of which are available together as one self-extracting archive.

A good number of colorful PDF targets and some silhouette targets and “Real Picture” targets.

Some bold GIF targets, also available together in one zip file.

Another extensive target collection in GIF format.

A variety of targets in different formats.

Some nice JPEG targets.

Several zip files containing a variety of targets.

A bullseye target in PDF.

Quite a few rimfire targets in PDF format.

PDF target collection.

A variety of targets in several formats.

Targets from US Palma in PDF.

Target site from Germany.

Good selection of targets in PDF.

Targets from Glock. If you're on dial-up, this takes quite a while to come in, but it's worth it when you get there and check out the variety.

Decent selection of mostly sight-in targets with a couple of Osamas.

A target site from Russia.

Nosler Varmint target.

From Tom G in Big Bore Rifles section